Research Cycle

Past Issues

June 2021 How long must it be?
April 2021 No more topical research, please!
February 2021 Wondering and Wandering out of the Pandemic
December 2020 Do lies matter?
October 2020 Should we be afraid?
June 2020 How can we stop racism?
April 2020 Should you wear a mask?
February 2020 Questions of import (revisited)
December 2019 Gifted questions
October 2019 The Research Cycle Updated
Summer 2019 What are the traits of a good president?
June 2019 Unanswerable Questions
April 2019 Reading between the lines: Powerful inference strategies
February, 2019 School librarians: Why we still need them
December, 2018 The marriage of vocabulary with creative thought
Linking thinking, reading and writing
October 2018 Do we really need facts?
June, 2018 What really matters?
April, 2018 Important Questions
February, 2018 Stupid Questions
December, 2017 Compelling Questions and Stultifying Questions
October, 2017 How old is too old?
The Old Man and the C
Summer, 2017 Writing the winning college essay
June, 2017 What good is civility?
April, 2017 The Questioning Toolkit - Updated
February, 2017 Reflecting on Reflection
Reaching for Greatness
December, 2016 Fake News, Wrong Polls and Big Surprises
October, 2016 Essential Questions vs. Questions of Import
Summer, 2016 True or false?
June, 2016 The question is the answer
April, 2016 Who is the demagogue?
February, 2016 Questioning and reading the label
December, 2015 The importance of challenge when writing the great report
October, 2015 The importance of mystery when writing the great report
June, 2015 The importance of surprise when conducting authentic research
April, 2015 Questioning Authority
February, 2015 Blue sky thinking
December, 2014 Questioning the value of topical research
October, 2014 Questioning luck, fate and good fortune
June, 2014 Thinking Gifted
April, 2014 Questioning Authority, the Bill, the Diagnosis, the Email
February, 2014 A Brilliant Question
December, 2013 Generating Question Families
October, 2013 A truly open mind
Summer, 2013 A truly great question
June, 2013 Challenging Assumptions and Conventional Wisdom
April, 2013

Unmasking Iconic Figures

February, 2013 What is Reading?
December, 2012 Grazing the Net: Raising a Generation of Range Free Students
October, 2012

Election 2012 - Questions Voters Should Ask

April, 2012 Quietude and its relationship to pondering, wondering, questioning and wandering
February, 2012 Why innovate?
December, 2011 A Truly Open Mind
October, 2011 Mixing it up
June, 2011 Keeping Track of Findings
Nuance, Subtlety and the Search for Truth
April, 2011 Off the Beaten Path
February, 2011 Why Wait for Superman?
Questioning Reform Myths, Fads and Gimmicks
Debunking False Prophets
December, 2010 Once was lost
October, 2010 From Faux Inquiry to the Real Thing
The Apparently Irrelevant Question
June, 2010 Another Brick in the Wall
Review: Empire of Illusion
April, 2010 Play, Experimentation and Improvisation
February, 2010 Questions of Import
December, 2009 Privacy? What privacy?
Connecting the Dots
October, 2009 What's new? 21st Century Skills
June, 2009 Questioning Video, Film, Advertising and Propaganda:
Deconstructing Media
April, 2009 Discovering New Words and New Meanings
February, 2009 When should we question and when should we trust our intuition?
December, 2008 Reading (and Questioning) the Fine Print
October, 2008 Challenging Assumptions
The Evidence Gap
Summer, 2008 Bettering: A Synthesis Primer
June, 2008 Managing the Unanswerable Question
In the early years

The Early Childhood Workshop
April, 2008 The Mystery Curriculum
The Thinker in Residence Program
February, 2008 Embracing Complexity
December, 2007 Kissing Ask
October, 2007 Punchy Question Combinations
May, 2007 What's Missing?
Visual Literacy 3.0
March, 2007 Wondering and Wandering
January, 2007
Good Doubt and Bad Doubt
November, 2006 Managing Complexity with Leading Questions
September, 2006 The (merely) Demanding Question
May/June, 2006 What is a Thinker? and Learning Questioning
March, 2006 Teaching Questioning
January, 2006 The NoTime Slam Dunk Lesson

November, 2005 Puzzling and Weaving Toward Insight
September, 2005 Thinking the Unthinkable
May, 2005 Assessing Growth in Questioning
March, 2005 Essential Questions
January, 2005 Why Wonder?

November, 2004 Why Question?
September, 2004 The Seemingly Irrelevant Question
Quality Teaching: From Theory into Practice
May, 2004
Wonder Boxes, Window Boxes and Window Blinds
Serial Questioners, Umble Pie and the Sharpened Wit


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