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 Vol 6|No4|June|2010
Beyond Cut-and-Paste
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Another Brick in the Wall?

By Jamie McKenzie

In this article Jamie looks back at the Pink Floyd song, Another Brick in the Wall and questions the wisdom of test-driven educational reform efforts first launched by the Bush administration and now extended by the Obama administration, claiming that the obsession with test scores and accountability is simple-minded and damaging. The resulting regimentation and standardization, he argues, will damage a generation of American children, weaken efforts to recruit and retain teachers and undermine longstanding American traditions of creativity and innovation.

© 2010, J. McKenzie

Book Review: Empire of Illusion

By Jamie McKenzie

Chris Hedges' book carries the subtitle The End of Literacy and the Triumph of Spectacle. He makes a chilling case for the decline of culture, thought and thoughtfulness as entertainment, illusion and fantasy shove reality into the background. In this review, Jamie examines the consequences for schools and schooling.

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