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 Vol 7|No3|February|2011
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A Mad Tea Party
Questioning Reform Myths, Fads and Gimmicks

By Jamie McKenzie
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© 2011, all rights reserved

Would-be educational reformers from both political parties in the USA are seizing upon unfortunate change strategies that are untested, unproven and likely to do great damage to schools and children. Parents, teachers and all citizens should ask tough questions of these policy-makers. Jamie argues that we have a case of emperors without clothing and ideas without substance.

Why Wait for Superman?

By Jamie McKenzie
© 2011, all rights reserved

In his review of the movie Waiting for Superman, Jamie identifies severe distortions, fallacies and inaccuracies in what amounts to a thinly veiled piece of propaganda pushing for charter schools.

In this chapter from his book Leading Questions, Jamie shows how debunking is an essential activity when considering the claims and proposals advanced by various groups who hope to revolutionize the way we conduct business.

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