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 Vol 5|No 5|October|2009
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What's new? 21st Century Skills

By Jamie McKenzie

In this article Jamie takes a look at several skills listings purporting to identify ways of thinking and acting that are especially important for this century - a society, global economy and a world that is supposedly remarkably different from previous decades in the "old century." He tries to separate fact and fad from fiction and frenzy. He argues that good teachers have stressed many of these so-called 21st Century Skills for many decades, but he concludes that some aspects of the present society do, indeed, call for special capabilities matched to the combination of threats and opportunities afforded by new technologies and cultural shifts. Some of the most important (like knowing when to go unplugged) get little attention from trendy skills listings.

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Media Literacy means different things to different folks, as deconstruction of advertising, marketing messages and propaganda should have been a school focus even before Neil Postman and Charles Weingartner popularized the phrase “crap detector” in Teaching as a Subversive Activity way back In 1971,

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